Introductory note to the series Open Reality (2017-in progress)

My photographic practice explores the relationship between space and consciousness through the direct and unprejudiced observation of plain reality. Rather than describing the world, or attempting to interpret it, the goal is to find one’s inner center in the ephemeral forms of the visible.

The equivalency of inside and outside - the act of recognizing oneself in the external world - overcomes the equivocal simplifications of analytical reasoning and points towards an “open reality” that is enchanted, imponderable, and undetermined.

In the series Open Reality (2017-in progress) the presence of doors, windows, fences alludes to the mystery of a limit that is also absence of limit, a closure that is also an opening. The very photograph is a threshold that invites trespassing. The light that illuminates the objects is also emanating from the objects themselves.

(June 2020)

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