CANONE INFINITO (2017) is a canon on the notes A, B, D, C, cast in the form of continuous developing variation. No sound in the piece has been chosen arbitrarily. All the material in the piece derives from these four notes and their permutations (inversion, retrograde, retrograde of the inversion), temporal variations (augmentation and diminution), and other less common techniques (alternation, progressive accumulation). The theme itself comes from Mozart (first theme of the last movement of the Jupiter Symphony transposed in minor).


CANONE INFINITO was composed for and during the Odyssée artistic residency at Abbaye de Saint-Riquier, France, sponsored by ACCR (Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre – French Ministry of Culture and Communication). The premiere performance was given at Abbaye de Saint-Riquier  - Théâtre Les Capétiens in June 2017 by Olga Georgievskaya, Liudmila Georgievskaya, and Thomas Schwan.